Sunrise at Symphony Hill

The Bichon Bash is held at the end of the Rainbow!

Our constant goal at Symphony Hill ...   

To live content with small means . . . 

to seek elegance rather than luxury,

and refinement rather than fashion . . .

To be wealthy, not rich;



to listen to stars and birds,  babes and sages, with open heart. . .

To study hard; to think quietly,

act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never . . . .

In a word, to let the spiritual,
unbidden and unconscious,
grow up through the common ---


that is (our) symphony.

Thanks to
William Ellery Channing for penning this poem
"My Symphony"
His words are so close to our heart-felt aspirations


All our lily gardens are complements of our friends,
Glenn & Kati Savage of Dancing Winds Farm, and are dedicated
to the late 'Lily",  beloved fluff friend of Patty Burke

Practicing small steps toward a better world . . . . 

Live simply. Love generously
Care deeply, Speak kindly
Leave the rest to God.


May you join us now in peace of heart and soul

Aug. 13, 1971 - Nov. 7, 2005
Heather was 34 when photo taken this summer
She was our cherished family member for 32 yrs.
Our hearts are weeping but we are ever so grateful
that she did not get sick and linger in suffering.


Sept. 1, 1993 - Sept. 8, 2004

In Memory of those who have given so much -

May their sweet spirits rest in eternal peace.

Look not where I was, For I am not there. My spirit is free, I am everywhere
In the air that you breathe, In the sounds that you here, Don't cry for me Mom, My spirit is near
I'll watch for you, From the other side, I'll be the one running, Old friends by my side
Smile at my memory, Remember in your heart, This isn't the end  ...It's a brand new start
sBy: Carol Kufner

All photos are copyright Symphony Hill Enterprises 2007-09